Beauty Independent Launches Live Events With Inaugural Dealmaker Summit

Beauty Independent will hold its inaugural Dealmaker Summit, a two-day event digging into the complexities of beauty dealmaking, from May 22 to 23 at One Liberty Plaza in New York City.

The seminal event will be chock-full of networking opportunities for professionals active in the space, including strategics, family offices, angel investors, incubators, investment bankers, private equity and venture capital firms, and hand-selected founders and CEOs of high-growth brands. Sponsored by Atelier by Voyant Beauty, invitations have also been extended to select founders and CEOs of technology and supply chain companies in the beauty and wellness industry. 

Beauty Independent publisher and Indie Beauty Media Group (IBMG) founder Nader Naeymi-Rad says the Dealmaker Summit is filling a gap in live events by deploying Beauty Independent’s intellectual capital and best-in-class content to direct the agenda and help forge relationships in the dealmaking community. He explains, “Our value proposition to beauty dealmakers is simple: Join a forum where you can find community with key people, and access thought leadership on topics that matter to you.”

Based on feedback from beauty and wellness dealmakers, Naeymi-Rad adds he’s discovered that “there are two key issues with the current stable of events. First, attendees: The investors are later-stage dealmakers while the brands are looking for early-stage funding. Second, content: Either big-name headliners come, do their PR-approved bit and promptly leave or there’s a stage stacked with folks who pay to present or, in other words, pitch.”

Lorne Lucree, chief innovation officer at beauty manufacturer Voyant Beauty and head of its business unit Atelier, says, “I’ve been a longtime reader of Beauty Independent, and this event is such an exciting extension of their unique expertise and outstanding reputation in this sector, bringing together a who’s who of dealmaking for an agenda packed with topics that are really keyed into the conversations this group of tastemakers wants to be having.” 

Rachel Brown, editor in chief of Beauty Independent, says, “Our primary focus is to be an insightful, objective and independent voice in the sector. After we hosted a small social event in LA last year for our Beacon Awards nominees and winners, it was really clear that our community wanted to get together in person. Live events complement all the daily content our team is creating.” 

Greg Gonzalez, co-founder of Youth to the People, Nader Naeymi-Rad, founder of Beauty Independent parent company Indie Beauty Media Group, Carol Hamilton, group president, acquisitions at L’Oréal, Dan Hodgdon, founder of Vegamour, and Joe Cloyes, co-founder of Youth to the People, at Beauty Independent’s November cocktail party.

So far, demand for the Dealmakers Summit has exceeded expectations. Over 50% of tickets were booked before the start of formal ticketing. Agenda topics at the event will include the state of dealmaking, deep dives into critical segments such as aesthetics, fragrance, haircare and sexual wellness, important technologies and social media networks like TikTok and artificial intelligence, funding for BIPOC-owned companies, China and Amazon. 

Lucree says, “Haircare in particular is a segment Atelier is focusing on, so I’m especially looking forward to being a part of that discussion, examining what drives value in the haircare market today and understanding where there are still untapped opportunities. I’m so excited that Atelier by Voyant Beauty will have a strong presence at the summit.” 

Dealmaker Summit is just the latest expansion of Beauty Independent’s reach. In the spring, it’s introducing an in-depth report series called Breakthrough Insight. In 2020, it launched the biweekly In Conversation webinar program. Since 2017, the publication has produced on average more than a dozen articles weekly. Its editorial staff has doubled in the last two years to six in-house journalists covering emerging beauty, retail, technology, mergers and acquisitions, and other relevant beauty business developments. 

Beauty Independent is kicking off the Dealmaker Summit as beauty dealmaking has branched beyond being simply the domain of strategics and specialist investment houses. There’s a diverse array of players in it, notably a growing cadre of brand founders-turned-angel investors, early-stage venture capital firms and incubators. 



As industry professionals attempt to navigate the increasingly complex landscape, Naeymi-Rad says there’s been a mismatch between the intentions and expectations of guests attending existing events. He emphasizes the Dealmaker Summit will be centered on established organizations and building connections in the dealmaking universe, not on raising early-stage capital. Executives and founders from brands that have surpassed seed stage or $2 million in annual sales are ideal fits for attendance. 

“Dealmaking has been revitalized by beauty entrepreneurs because their innovations are fueling M&A activity. Without those disruptors, there is no deal,” says Naeymi-Rad. “And larger brands may become dealmakers in their own right by investing in smaller companies.” 

IBMG hosts events for early-stage brands as well. For example, Adit Live NYC will take place the same week as the Dealmaker Summit on May 24 to 25. At it, approximately 70 retail-ready emerging beauty and wellness brands will be exhibiting. Dealmaker Summit ticket holders will be able to attend Adit Live at no additional charge.

There’s a limit of three Dealmaker Summit tickets per company, and tickets are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Early-bird ticket pricing of $2,500 per person is available through March 24. General admission tickets are priced at $3,000. Adit brand members will receive early-bird pricing regardless of when they purchase.